I’m rather convinced nobody actually reads these things. It’s kind of a shame because it’s really the hardest part of the website to construct. You see, as much as I want you to connect to my story, you know the proverbial rise from one-hour photo lab nerd to successful photographer, it’s really not what’s important.

I have read enough of these to know that more than half of them start with “when I turned 12 I got a camera and it changed my life.” Everything that follows is usually self-loathing and puffed up by ego. I will spare you.

Consider this my baker’s dozen:

I married up, way up.
My kids keep me humble. Nothing impresses.
Training for ministry. Loving the unlovable.
Every meal should be cooked on a grill.
I am a Gator. Chomp chomp.
Author a tech column. Yes, it’s published.
Like to dive. From a board. Look ridiculous.
Teach college students. Hint- chomp chomp.
Still play the occasional video game.
Newspaper guy. Lousy career. Best job ever.
Been trained to like pedicures.
Love to cook. Hate to do dishes.
Despise the word “pic,” cheapens everything.

What’s left? Plenty. That is what Google’s for though right? Last check had my name running about 15 pages. Hate for all that to be the end of the story though.